CERTIFICATION: Figure That Shift Out

CERTIFICATION: Figure That Shift Out

I want you to teach SightShift. And I love hearing stories about folks living out #12 "Teach What You Know" from Figure That Shift Out. Teaching SightShift to others is for everyone.

In this course I'll teach you what I do each week to take someone through Figure That Shift Out. 

You can go through this course whether you want to be certified or not. Completing this course does not certify you. You can think of this course as a mentoring option if you're not pursuing certification.

Certification is for 2 for groups of people:

1. Those that want to bring SightShift to their organization in an official way and get all the support necessary to help others at the best of their abilities. 

2. Those who want to take others through Figure That Shift Out while taking payment or advertise they are doing so. 

If you'd like more information on being certified go to www.sightshift.com/certification

Course Curriculum

SightShift Origins version 1 (audio)

What's included?

1 Video
22 Texts
29 Audios
Chris McAlister
Chris McAlister
Instructor Title

About the instructor

Speaker and author Chris McAlister leads SightShift events and trains leaders who are as ambitious about their personal growth as they are about their organization's growth.

Working with staff, leadership teams, and individuals, Chris helps leaders see how their internal world drives their external leadership. With this insight he can help participants experience small moments of big change, not only for themselves, but for their organizations as well.

Married to Brandi for 17 years and raising 3 daughters, he knows the pressures, demands, and joys of family life.