About 10 years ago I took all my personal insights about growth and put them in a spreadsheet. I had over 800 entries. I then looked for themes. I boiled them down to the 7 ideas that shape my mindset. At one point I read each of my statements for my podcast. Then I wrote a book about them (www.theriderbook.com) and now they are a course.

My hope is that mine will serve as a template for you as long as you need it.

Then when the time is right you'll make your own.

You can revisit the content of this course as often as you need a mindset pep talk!


Manage others and you'll experience the reality that taking people where they haven't imagined they could go is hard work.
Your role is to create a new reality and get people there.
And the challenge of that will reveal any flabbiness in your mindset.

This course is focused on cultivating a resilient mindset so you can create reality. You can only lead people somewhere they have never been if you have the mindset for it.

Your brain tricks you or you train your mindset.

Life can be hard and it definitely isn't fair. Training your mindset keeps you resilient. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • FTMO - Intro

    • FTMO - Audio Intro

    • Booklet to download for this course. (Button to download at bottom of the screen.)

    • Intro Notes

  • 2

    Mindset #1: I Live And Love From A Secure Identity.

    • I Live And Love From A Secure Identity (Video)

    • FTMO - Audio 1

    • Mistake 1: I Don't Live From A Secure Core Of Who I Really Am

  • 3

    Mindset #2: I Have Faced My Fear And Found Abundance.

    • I Have Faced My Fear And Found Abundance. (Video)

    • FTMO - Audio 2

    • Mistake 2: I Am Unknowingly Guided And Driven By Fear.

  • 4

    Mindset #3: I Am Here. Now.

    • I Am Here. Now. (Video)

    • FTMO - Audio 3

    • Mistake 3: I Am Internally Distracted.

  • 5

    Mindset #4: I Am Centered And Focused.

    • I Am Centered And Focused. (Video)

    • FTMO - Audio 4

    • Mistake 4: I Am Blindly Focused On The Goal, And Don't Enjoy The Process To Get There.

  • 6

    Mindset #5: Relationships Grow Me.

    • Relationships Grow Me (Video)

    • FTMO - Audio 5

    • Mistake 5: I Make Myself Responsible For The Behavior Of Others.

  • 7

    Mindset #6: I Build The Community I Want.

    • I Build The Community I Want. (Video)

    • FTMO - Audio 6

    • Mistake 6: I Insecurely Try To Be Accepted By Others.

  • 8

    Mindset #7: I Learn From My Mistakes.

    • I Learn From My Mistakes. (Video)

    • FTMO - Audio 7

    • Mistake 7: I Repeat The Same Self-Sabotaging Choices.

  • 9

    My Daily Meditations

    • Where My Daily Meditations Originated.

    • Monday: I Live And Love From A Secure Identity.

    • Tuesday: I Have Faced My Fear And Found Abundance.

    • Wednesday: I Am Here. Now.

    • Thursday: I Am Centered And Focused.

    • Friday: I Can't Control What You Think Of Me.

    • Saturday: I Throw The Party I Want To Join.

    • Sunday: I Am An Informed Optimist.

About the instructor

Instructor Title

Chris McAlister

Speaker and author Chris McAlister leads SightShift events and trains leaders who are as ambitious about their personal growth as they are about their organization's growth.Working with staff, leadership teams, and individuals, Chris helps leaders see how their internal world drives their external leadership. With this insight he can help participants experience small moments of big change, not only for themselves, but for their organizations as well.Married to Brandi for 17 years and raising 3 daughters, he knows the pressures, demands, and joys of family life.SightShift.com