Figure That Shift Out

Figure That Shift Out

This is the foundational SightShift content. 


  • Become confident in the most difficult of relationships.
  • Get clarity on your mission that transcends your job.
  • Process your day to close open loops that create anxiety.
  • Use your problems to build momentum in every category of your life.
  • Employ practices and strategies to stay focused and motivated.
  • Be happy with yourself regardless of circumstances.
  • Develop awareness to build great teams for life and work.
  • Become a brilliant leader that can discern what each moment needs.
  • Invest who you are to grow your most important relationships.

Reframe Everything

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Chris McAlister
Chris McAlister
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About the instructor

Speaker and author Chris McAlister leads SightShift events and trains leaders who are as ambitious about their personal growth as they are about their organization's growth.

Working with staff, leadership teams, and individuals, Chris helps leaders see how their internal world drives their external leadership. With this insight he can help participants experience small moments of big change, not only for themselves, but for their organizations as well.

Married to Brandi for 17 years and raising 3 daughters, he knows the pressures, demands, and joys of family life.